Quickdraw String Band - Blasting Caps

Quickdraw String Band - Blasting Caps

Quickdraw String Band's Blasting Caps is a welcome addition to the traditional music cannon, and makes for a fine addition to any acoustic music lover's library. August 2005 saw the release of Quickdraw's debut CD release, Blasting Caps. Their energetic approach and innovative interpretations, vocally and instrumentally, make it obvious to see how Quickdraw quickly became one of the most popular acts around Washington state. Very unique in their adaptions of various acoustic genres, Quickdraw is not old-timey or bluegrass, sometimes ragtime, country blues, folk, or celtic. Their style often defies categorization into any singular genre, but is definitely solidly grounded in acoustic tradition. This is exactly what makes them completely unique. Nobody else is doing what Quickdraw is doing musically in Whatcom County, and if they are, "they ain't doing it quite like us."

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